The Bus Ride Down

1Where does the bus stop along the way?
Don't worry, YES the bus will stop along the way to where ever we are heading. We will ensure we stop at a fast-food type restaurant for any meal times that pass while we are on the road. Be sure to pay attention to your itinerary to know if you should pack a snack to tie you over or not.
2Can I drink alcohol on the bus?
Good question, thanks for asking! All of our tours are dry tours, meaning that you cannot drink alcohol on the ski tour while on the bus. If we stop at a pub / restaurant along the way, by all means you can have a drink or two... but you cannot drink on the bus. For private groups, you can get a liquor license for about $10. We will set it up for you but with the following criteria: -You have booked a luxury coach as your transportation -You understand that you, as an individual, are personally liable for anything that may happen, due to alcohol, while on the bus or any incident that occurs off the bus, but was caused by / or partially caused by alcohol consumption on the bus So, we are heading out to have an adventure, meet your neighbours and get to know them, kick back and read a book or watch a movie and we will be there before you know it.
3It is a long bus ride ... is it boring?
The Adventure Guides do their best to ensure that the tours are not boring. The bus ride starts very socially. We have a "get to know your neighbour" philosophy we try to adopt on each tour so take the time to be social and get to know those who are sitting near you on the bus. Feel free to bring your iPad, computer, books, phone, playing cards, etc. on the bus to keep you entertained. Our coaches are equipped with DVD players so if you have some movies at home you would like to share on the bus, feel free to bring along too for everyone to watch. So kick-back and relax. Enjoy the ride. Its much better then being white-knuckled on the snowy and icy roads that typically occur out in the mountains.