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September 15, 2017

Ride bikes at night!

If you parked your bike in the garage because of the that lack of sunlight and cooler weather, it is time to reconsider. There are so many accessories out there that can help you fend off the cold, give you light and keep the pedals turning into the darker fall days ahead.

Below is a list of 6 of our favorite must-have’s for the cooler darker days we are currently experiencing.

  1. Bar lights – lights don’t come cheap, if you are going to ride at night be sure to get both a bar light and a head lamp.  My barlight is a Serfas TSL-2500  which will set you back $300.  It has an external battery that you can velcro onto your frame so that you light your path for the entire ride home.  It has a few different settings as well so that you can conserve your battery power and adjust to the current conditions.  The nifty mount can quickly and easily be attached to your bars and stay put, even while crushing the rocks and roots on the trails.  If this light isn’t in your budget, go for the most lumens that you can afford.
  2. Head lamps- there are a few different options, but pick one that isn’t too heavy or sits high on your helmet, these lights are really uncomfortable and bobble around.  Also make sure it is able to attach to your helmet, not all head lamps are easily mounted onto each helmet.  Take your helmet with you to the bike shop and try the lamp, attached to your helmet, on your head and shake it around to make sure it fits securely.  Although it is a little heavy for my liking, the Serfas True 750 USB LED light I picked up from Revolution Cycle seems to serve the purpose quite well.
  3. Reflective clothing- make sure people can see you, especially if you are on the roadways.  Most bike jackets, winter pants come detailed with reflective materials.  You need less warmth then you think you will, when the temperature is hovering around zero, a light jacket to break the wind is important, but I always stash a down in my CamelBak just in case we have a mechanical or something that holds us up on the trails.
  4. Pogies-  What the hell are “pogies”?  I had no idea.  When I found out that they were a mitt that attached to my handlebars that I slid my hands into to keep warm yet freely be able to use the shifters / brakes on my bikes, stoke was high.  I find that I really only need them when its below zero when I’m out on the rides, especially on the double track or in open areas.  MEC has a version that are uninsulated that help to break the wind and set you back only about $25.  But if those aren’t warm enough, you can upgrade (you can ALWAYS upgrade, can’t you).  If you want the high end mitts, you can go with 45North’s Cobrafist ($179 from Revolution Cycle) or the Specialized Fat Mitt ($125 from Revolution Cycle).
  5. Pants – A soft shell pant helps break the wind and keep you warm.  Unconventionally, we repurposed the MEC Ferratta pant (available in both men’s and women’s $119) for biking- they stretch how you want them too but keep you warm enough when the tights under your shorts just aren’t quite enough.
  6. Buff- a toque is too bulky and hot when the temperature is hovering around freezing but your ears get cold fast when you set out on your bike ride.  We have found the Buff to be the perfect tool to solve this problem.

Biking is expensive, but if you slowly increase your collection of accessories over time it will help extend the riding season and keep the smile on your face a little bit longer each year.

Let us know what we missed, tell us about your favorite riding gear in the comment section below.

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