Avalanche Skills Training- AST#1
October 22, 2015
Yes, you can ride down hill!
May 31, 2017


In the loving memory of our shred pal Shane Shroeder, Most Epic supports the #Shred4Shane campaign. The #Shred4Shane campaign symbolizes that we should for always be riding for Shane, remembering him and the inherent dangers of skiing/snowboarding in slackcountry/backcountry. All proceeds from sticker/merchandise sales will go to the Golden Search & Rescue and Canadian Avalanche society. The goal is that everyone who goes out to ride, stays safe and is able to come home to their friends & families.

Recently, Shane’s sister contacted the Canadian Snowboard Team heading to Sochi and they have agreed to support the #Shred4Shane efforts by bringing stickers with them to wear on their gear.

If you want to make a donation or to request stickers you can email: shred4shane@gmail.com

We encourage you to share your photos of any stickers you find and interesting articles promoting snow and avalanche safety by using the hashtag: #Shred4Shane.

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